Bexar County Mental Health Diversion Model

Virginia jail administrators have been seeking additional sites where they can take individuals with mental health needs as a form of jail diversion. (Morehart, 2014). The Valley Justice Coalition is eager to respond to this call and has identified a highly effective model for mental health diversion in Bexar County, Texas developed by Gilbert Gonzales. We look forward to implementing a similar model in Harrisonburg, and have compiled a list of resources about this model that we hope to keep updated as additional reports are released on this promising model. Bibliography last updated )

Update: The secure crisis assessment center at RMH, based in part on the Bexar County model, is now open!

This model has won the American Psychiatric Association’s Gold Achievement Award, the National Council for Behavioral Health’s Community Innovation Award, and the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Health Care Innovation Award.

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