Lobby Day 2019

Join us on January 18, 2019 along with Justice Forward Virginia, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to gather at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond, VA.

After decades of being stuck in the mud, criminal justice reform has finally gained traction in the Virginia General Assembly. For the second year in a row, momentum is building toward real change.

In this year’s legislative session, three key issues can be addressed. First, to resolve a longstanding injustice, we are asking for the unfairly sentenced Fishback cases to be made eligible for parole and be considered for release. Second, ending cash bail, the practice of locking people up before trial simply because they’re too poor to pay their way out of jail. Third, we will address the practice of taking away driver’s licenses when people get behind on paying court fines and fees, a practice that is counterproductive in facilitating employment, desistance from crime, and the ability of individuals to pay these fees.

Lobby Day is open to all who care about fixing our broken justice system. We firmly believe that in order to succeed, our efforts must rely on a broad coalition, including people of faith, returning citizens, human needs and human rights organizations, and champions of individual liberty, among many others.

How to Participate

Please contact us now if you are considering attending so we can make appropriate preparations. We will be leaving for Richmond at 6:00am on January 18th, and will arrive home by early evening. When you do so, please provide the following information:


  1. Are you interested in carpooling?
  2. Are you able to be a driver for others? If so, how many seats will be available in your vehicle?
  3. Your telephone number
  4. Home address
  5. Place of employment
  6. The names of your state delegate and senator, which you can find here
  7. Prior lobbying experience, if any

No prior lobbying experience is required in order to participate. Those who haven’t lobbied legislators before will be assigned to groups with people who have. Participants will be briefed on the issues that will be the subject of our efforts prior to the event.

You can help make the difference!

Advocacy icon by Marc Brouillon. Prison cell sketch by Alfred James.

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