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Understanding the Criminal Justice System

There are many pieces of the criminal justice system. We have collected information and summarized some key programs and decision points to help new [...]

Mental Illness and Jail in Virginia

Collected resources de Socio, R. M. (2013, November 1). Medicaid Eligibility: Inmates in Virginia’s Local and Regional Jails. Richmond, VA: State [...]

Local Criminal Justice System Structure

Notes: This diagram was created as a tool to help orient local residents unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. The lines indicate primary [...]


Local criminal justice system data has been hard to come by. Here are a few sources we can point you to. If you have particular interests, please contact us so [...]

Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Addiction Recovery Support Groups Alcoholics Anonymous (More meeting details) Narcotics Anonymous Strength in Peers Sentara RMH LIFE Recovery [...]

Get Involved

The best way to get involved with the Valley Justice Coalition is to come to one of our regular Monday meetings. We meet each Monday from noon until 1:00pm [...]