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Community Justice Planner

On October 15 Harrisonburg Rockingham’s Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB) could take a big step toward reducing incarceration and recidivism that cost [...]

Community Criminal Justice Boards


Dillon Rule

Asch, J. (2017, November 27). ASCH: Virginia needs to rethink the Dillon rule. The Cavalier Daily. Boulter, D. (2005, June 27). The Dillon Rule and [...]

Parole in Virginia

Trainor, H. (2010, February 3). Virginia Parole Board, Fact Sheet. Legal Aid Justice Center. Unknown. (2012). Lawsuit over Va parole denials goes to [...]

Citizen Circles

Adapted from Hawaii's reentry & transition planning circles, Ohio's Citizen Circles, and the renowned Circles of Support and Accountability model, the [...]

Letter Writing

While incarcerated, many people feel isolated, abandoned, and forgotten. We believe letter writing is one way to sustain hope and positive social ties. To [...]

Prison Visitation

The Valley Justice Coalition facilitates visitation to prisons near and far. We facilitate visitation in two ways. First, if you are interested in visiting [...]

Keep Fee

Karen Thomas, President of the North East Neighborhood Association, talks about the burden of the fees on the families of inmates charged by the Harrisonburg [...]


The Valley Justice Coalition has coordinated a number of surveys of in order to better understand local needs, prioritize our efforts, and facilitate grant [...]

Speakers Bureau

The Valley Justice Coalition has a gathered a group of area residents with lived experience related to the criminal justice system who are willing to speak [...]