City of Harrisonburg budget timeline

The following is for the City of Harrisonburg, but the county budget timeline is similar.

Budget kick-off
November – January
Departments develop initial budget proposals
Council engages in budget conversations with the community
Survey is posted to
Outside agency requests due
Develop preliminary budget projections
Meet with directors
Update revenue projections
Draft budget is presented to City Council
Public hearing and first reading of budget
Second reading and adoption of budget
July 1
Newly adopted budget begins

This information is copied from Vass, M.-H. (2016, January 4). City Launches Budget Survey. City of Harrisonburg.

Past years’ budgets

From the City Council minutes.

Year Draft Distributed Presentation of budget Budget Work Session Adoption
2019 04/09/19 04/09/19
2018 04/24/18 04/24/18 05/08/18 05/22/18
2017 04/11/17 04/25/17 None 05/09/17
2016 04/12/16 05/09/16 05/24/16

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