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October Community Criminal Justice Board

The next Community Criminal Justice Board meeting will be Monday, October 15, 2018 in Memorial Hall Auditorium. At 6pm, join the Valley Justice Coalition, [...]

Community Criminal Justice Boards

The Valley Justice Coalition seeks to strengthen and support the leadership of our local Community Criminal Justice Board. Toward that end, we have made a [...]

Upcoming Community Criminal Justice Board Meeting

Mark your calendars! The Community Criminal Justice Board is meeting on Monday, August 29th. We will be presenting our proposals [...]

Meeting Minutes

In the interests of transparency and accountability to the public, the Valley Justice Coalition hosts and shares meeting minutes from area boards and [...]

Data Sharing Initiative

Like many jurisdictions across the country, Harrisonburg and Rockingham county jails experience high recidivism rates and substantial overcrowding. As of [...]

Virginia CCJB Directory

This is a directory of Virginia Community Criminal Justice Boards compiled by the Valley Justice Coalition. It may be incomplete. For more information, [...]

Community Justice Planner

On October 15 Harrisonburg Rockingham’s Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB) could take a big step toward reducing incarceration and recidivism that cost [...]


The Valley Justice Coalition has coordinated a number of surveys of in order to better understand local needs, prioritize our efforts, and facilitate grant [...]

Justice Planner Event

As a criminal justice planner for Thomas Jefferson Planning District, Neal Goodloe has demonstrated the value of this position and brought significant [...]

Guest Speaker: Defense Attorney Louis Nagy

Louis Nagy will be joining us for a question-and-answer session at our regular noon meeting on March 27th. Mr. Nagy is a local defense attorney and member of [...]
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