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Brian Moran coming to Harrisonburg

On Tuesday, Dec. 4th at 4:30pm, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran and Parole Board Chair Adrianne Bennett are coming to Harrisonburg to [...]

Aging Prisoners: A Community Discussion

Join us for a free seminar on Virginia's aging prison population and statewide efforts to release elderly prisoners through parole. This seminar will take [...]

Parole in Virginia

Trainor, H. (2010, February 3). Virginia Parole Board, Fact Sheet. Legal Aid Justice Center. Unknown. (2012). Lawsuit over Va parole denials goes to [...]

Geriatric Release

The United States keeps people in prison far beyond when they pose a significant safety risk. The population of aging and elderly prisoners in U.S. prisons [...]

Parole Board chair replaced

Governor Terry McAuliffe has replaced the chair of the Virginia Parole Board in hopes of increasing the number of people released on parole. The [...]