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Our Vision for Harrisonburg – for City Council

Our Vision for Harrisonburg

I. Advocate for dignified and sustainable jobs for everyone. Together we…

  • Improve the working conditions of Harrisonburg’s work force in the agricultural, cleaning, and poultry industry.
  • Advocate for better salaries and health conditions of long term workers, individuals with disabilities, and minority groups.
  • Incentivize our economy by monitoring and creating new sources of long term employment.

II. Free and high-quality education that forms critical thinking leaders. Together we…

  • Build A New High School Now! Expand the capacity and facilities in our City Schools to increase accessibility to quality education that is safe and adequate to the needs of our students.
  • Protect Harrisonburg City School students regardless of their immigration status.
  • Implement community prevention strategies to mitigate risks of gun violence, drug use, sex trafficking, bullying, and low graduation rates, understanding the disproportionate effects of these issues on communities of color and poor people.
  • Create incentives for the pursuance of technical and higher education opportunities for our youth.

III. Increase government accountability and resident participation in our democracy. Together we…

  • Break down barriers for people of different language proficiencies by providing access to interpretation and content in multiple languages in the work site of our public institutions.
  • Evaluate unnecessary city projects that represent a fiscal burden for the city’s budget and our moral values.
  • Assess city hiring practices to represent the demographics of our community.

IV. Celebrate cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity. Together we…

  • Improve multi-language capacity in key entities for immigrants and refugees (DMV, Courts, Police, City Council meetings, and Hospitals)
  • Address systemic racism
  • Promote and recognize the celebrations that unite us and make us a more power-balanced and inclusive community.

V. Promote universal health care for all individuals. Together we…

  • Expand existing health care services for low income families regardless of their immigration status.
  • Explore community-government partnership to make possible the creation or expansion of a detox facility.
  • Advocate for full implementation the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

VI. Protect and restore people’s civil liberties- decriminalize, demilitarize, and transform a culture of punishment. Together we…

  • End the Middle River Regional Jail partnership
  • Lower incarceration levels such that our local jail is converted into a restorative and healing space for those struggling with addiction, poverty, and mental health issues.
  • Expand Restorative Justice practices in our criminal justice system that promote healing rather than retribution and punishment.
  • Eliminate practices that provoke incarceration of our youth, the mentally ill,  and individuals suffering drug addiction.

VII. Respect, include, and protect trans and gender nonconforming people in all institutions of our city. Together we…

  • Protect LGBTQ people in the learning and working environment.
  • Establish a complaint system to protect victims of discrimination and harassment practices in work sites.
  • Revise the hiring practices and policies of public institutions if such discriminate LGBTQ people.

VIII. Increase access to safe, affordable, and environmentally conscious modes of transportation and healthy lifestyles. Together we…

  • Expands efforts of making our city safer for biking and walking by fully implementing the Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan approved in 2010
  • Preserve local parks and encourage incorporation of edible parks into city designs.
  • Implement year-round activities that encourage walking, biking, and healthy lifestyles for people of all ages. (eg. monthly or annual “Cyclovia” days to shut down city streets for walking/biking only)
  • Respond the calls of the Latino and immigrant community to access soccer fields in a timely and respectful manner.

IX. Sustainable forms of generating clean energy, water, food, and air. Together we…

X. Promote dignified and energy efficient housing for every person. Together we…

  • Eradicate homelessness.
  • Revise unfair conditions of owner-tenant relationship in trailer parks.
  • Revise unfair practices of renting houses to immigrants, refugees, people of color and poor people
  • Promote energy efficient and affordable housing.

Let us how we can improve our vision for Harrisonburg by submitting your comment in the form below!

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